Pipistrel Vertical Solutions

Pipistrel Vertical Solutions is the R&D and Certification division of Pipistrel. PVS develops its own battery systems, power controllers and electric motors for small and general aviation class of aircraft and is the only company globally to have obtained EASA approval for propulsion-class batteries to be used in aviation for commercial application as part of a Type Certificate. In its 30 years of experience, Pipistrel has grown from an enthusiastic hobby hang-glider garage manufacturer into a world-renowned small aircraft producer, recognized by leading global aviation authorities. Their vision is to shape the future of aviation by developing and delivering cutting-edge solutions, which are personalized, safe, environmentally friendly and enable affordable ways of flying to everyone.

As an aircraft OEM with an H2 powered, commuter sized miniliner aircraft vision, PVS will help generate the hydrogen cryogenic storage system requirements and advise regarding regulatory requirements, maintenance requirements and constraints associated with LH2 composite storage solutions. In that same regard, it will contribute to the qualification and certification planning efforts by leveraging the experience it has in certifying novel propulsion technologies, not otherwise addressed by existing guidelines and regulations. Additionally, it will be heavily involved in the project’s material testing campaign, initially for material screening and then for the generation/validation of MoC for tank materials in cryogenic conditions.