TEST-FUCHS was founded by Ing. Fritz Fuchs in 1946. This family owned company, now in 3rd generation, started with the development and the production of test equipment for military and civil aircrafts, which became the biggest division of TEST-FUCHS today. For the last 20 years now, the company additionally develops and produces components for aviation and space typically in the area of fuel supply. The company’s headquarter is located in Austria and has subsidiaries all around the globe. 

The product range is divided in three main divisions: Testing where test equipment, test stands and Ground Support Equipment for aviation OEM and MRO organisations are produced, Aerospace where components for aviation and space, like pumps, valves and cryogenic shut-off valves are developed and the Support division where TEST-FUCHS supports customer for maintenance, repair and calibration test equipment worldwide. 

TEST-FUCHS has experience of 20 years in designing cryogenic valves, starting with the development of the Ariane 5 cryogenic shut-off valve for hydrogen, helium and oxygen. Afterwards some other applications were developed for demonstrators, prototypes or small series production in the branches of research (CERN), space and automotive/trucks. In the last 2 years, TEST-FUCHS started doing research work and developed projects to increase the knowledge and product portfolio for hydrogen and liquid hydrogen applications.