H2ELIOS Featured at the NETZEROTECH Forum

Submitted on Wed, 06/12/2024 - 14:31

We are delighted to announce that Carles, a representative from our UPC partner, recently participated as a panel member in a session on decarbonization at the prestigious NETZEROTECH Forum. This event is a significant platform dedicated to discussing and promoting innovative technologies aimed at achieving net-zero emissions.

During his presentation, Carles highlighted the groundbreaking work being done by the H2ELIOS project. Our initiative, which focuses on developing hydrogen-powered solutions for sustainable aviation, was showcased to an engaged audience of industry experts, researchers, and policymakers. The presentation underscored our commitment to reducing aviation's carbon footprint and advancing the use of hydrogen as a clean energy source.

Highlights from the Presentation:

  • Focus on Decarbonization: The session provided insights into various strategies and technologies aimed at achieving net-zero emissions, with H2ELIOS being a key example of innovation in the aviation sector.    
  • Hydrogen-Powered Aviation: Carles detailed the objectives and advancements of H2ELIOS, emphasizing the development of safe, efficient, and sustainable hydrogen fuel systems for aircraft.   
  • Collaborative Efforts: The presentation highlighted the collaborative nature of the H2ELIOS project, involving multiple partners working together to achieve common goals.

About the NETZEROTECH Forum:

The NETZEROTECH Forum is a leading event dedicated to showcasing cutting-edge technologies and strategies for achieving net-zero emissions. It brings together thought leaders, industry professionals, and researchers to share knowledge and foster collaboration in the fight against climate change.
We are proud of the recognition H2ELIOS received at this forum and are excited about the opportunities for further dissemination and collaboration that this event has opened up.